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Castle(1) Castle(2)

Play in the Castle

I worked as an assistant to designer Peter Horgas on this project. Ferenc Molnar’s play is a well-known piece in the United Kingdom and the United States. In this interpretation we attempted to discover how we can use a modern set with subtle hints to the era the play was originally set in.

Sisters(1) Sisters(2) Sisters(3) Sisters(4) Sisters(5) Sisters(6)

Three Sisters (play)

Autumn - the cage of melancholy. Light and shadow. Sleepy, timeless afternoons. My interpretations of Tcheckov’s Three Sisters in the shape of a minimalistic set, with a focus on light and shade.

Shakespeare(1) Shakespeare(2) Shakespeare(3) Shakespeare(4) Shakespeare(5)

Baba Shakespeare

Initial visuals

A play by Emmeline Winterbotham
April 2012, Arcola Tent, London

These pictures represent my love for theatre design. Most recently, I worked as an assistant for designer Catherine Morgan on Baba Shakespeare. The play is about a group of British actors who try to “sell” Shakespeare in the India of the 1960’s. The set needed to represent the world of Shakespearean plays, a certain sense of Britishness and the unique atmosphere of post-colonial India, all in one. I used radical changes in lighting and rear projection to provide scene changes. These are unrealized initial ideas of my own.

Earth(1) Earth(2) Earth(3) Earth(4) Earth(5) Earth(6) Earth(7) Earth(8) Earth(9)

Visuals for the Songs of Distant Earth

Feature film - Degree Project

A hauntingly beautiful vision of the distant future, Arthur C. Clarke’s novel The Songs of Distant Earth has never been filmed. The story I used for these designs is only loosely based on the original story and is also inspired by Mike Oldfield’s music. The Earth was destroyed by the dying Sun hundreds of years ago, and the remaining people live in colonies on other planets. Wherever they are, they still have an unexplainable longing, a sense of nostalgia for the mother planet they have never seen with their own eyes. Mirissa, who lives on an exceptionally beautiful planet with highly developed architecture, has an unusually strong desire to go back in space and time to the Golden Days of Earth. She is looking for something deeper and more meaningful than the superficial beauty that surrounds her. Then on one day, she meets Loren who was there during the last days of Earth, then travelled for 300 years in hibernation on a final mission for mankind. When the computer wakes him up because of a technical error, he lands on Mirissa’s planet to fix it and brings with him all the meaning, adventure and love Mirissa missed from her life. Their meeting is one of soul mates. When they eventually need to part ways, it breaks their hearts, but both of them are changed forever. Mirissa is pregnant with their child when Loren’s spaceship, the Magellan leaves. He will be travelling in hibernation for another 300 years. Mirissa, even at the end of her life, can see the glowing star that is Magellan in the night sky.

Concept(1) Concept(2) Concept(3) Concept(4) Concept(5) Concept(6) Concept(7) Concept(8) Concept(9)

Concept Art

This section includes digital concept paintings for films and music videos I worked on. I use Cinema 4D, Maya, Rhino, SketchUp Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator to achieve the desired effect. The requirements are different for illustrations, concept art paintings for film and artworks for live events.

Olympic(1) Olympic(2) Olympic(3) Olympic(4) Olympic(5) Olympic(6) Olympic(7) Olympic(8) Olympic(9)

London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Design Assistant

Although I also worked on the Paralympic Ceremonies and the Olympic Closing Ceremony, I contributed the most to the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. I was lucky enough to be part of the design team led by production designer Mark Tildesley, working with Danny Boyle to create his unique vision in the Olympic Stadium. We needed to consider the needs of the audience in the stadium as well as the more than one billion viewers around the world - so this was live TV, theatre and - thanks to an Oscar-winning film director - production design at once.

I worked on almost all segments of the show, including Pendemonium (Industrial Revolution) where I was involved in the choices of the overall colour scheme and look of the scene. My biggest contribution though is the giant baby head created from pages of a book at the end of the NHS tribute segment entitled 'Second star to the right and straight on till morning'. I created a preliminary version in Cinema 4D, based on the designer's sketches, which I refined several times, with each step getting closer to the final version.

The success of the Opening Ceremony makes me proud to have been part of it.

Graphic(1) Graphic(2) Graphic(3) Graphic(4) Graphic(5) Graphic(6) Graphic(7) Graphic(8) Graphic(9)

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an important part of my professional life. Each time period requires a different approach and it's always an exciting challenge to find the right tone and style for a particular project. For this section, I chose some of my designs for Orwell's 1984, proposed logos for the opening of Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport and artwork for a BBC children's show as well as for the 2014 Tour de France opening ceremony in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Previs(1) Previs(2) Previs(3) Previs(4) Previs(5) Previs(6) Previs(7) Previs(8) Previs(9)


In some cases, mainly in the initial weeks of my live entertainment projects, I play with shape and colour just to throw as many ideas around as possible. This means that much of this work won't get past an experimental phase, however, I wanted to share some of my favourite concepts here. These images include previs for a stage on water for an international event, some sculptural pieces, a proposed set for a TV show and artwork for a major corporate event.

Unfinished(1) Unfinished(2) Unfinished(3) Unfinished(4)

Production Design for Unfinished

with Alesya Bolotina

2012 short film directed by Gabriela Dworecki

Unfinished is a 15-minute live-action short that was shot on the RED camera. The film tells the story of Charlotte, a successful female crime novelist suffering from a case of writers block at a crucial point in her latest book. Unable to kill off the detective, her main character, as planned, Charlotte seeks the help of her therapist to uncover why writing this particular death is proving so difficult. These pictures show some initial designs and also my set dressing work on the detective’s office.

Light(1) Light(2) Light(3) Light(4)

Aspects of Light

Moods and light - an exciting relationship to discover and re-discover with the help of this simple installation, which proved very useful in my work.